Open Source

At smartcode we’re passionate about open source development and deeply believe that contributing to open source community is not only a great way to show our support, but also an excellent opportunity to demo the quality we’re capable of delivering :–)


Serenity/JS is an open-source acceptance testing framework that brings your business and software delivery teams together. It helps you capture your domain language and write high-quality single- and multi-actor test scenarios that interact with any interface of your system.

Your Serenity/JS-based test code is also portable and reusable, so you can share it with other teams to benefit your entire organisation!

Learn more: Serenity/JS website, github repository

Build Monitor

Build Monitor is a Jenkins CI plugin providing a highly visible view of the status of selected Jenkins jobs. It easily accommodates different computer screen sizes and is ideal as an Extreme Feedback Device to be displayed on a screen on your office wall.

Build Monitor helps 16,960 companies world-wide deliver better software!

Learn more: project website, github repository

Release Candidate

Release Candidate is a Maven plugin that makes integrating Maven projects with Continuous Delivery pipelines a little bit easier.

The plugin allows your build server to read the current version of a Maven project and update it automatically as part of the build process to include any additional metadata, such as an identifier of the commit that triggered the build, current timestamp, build number, etc.

Release Candidate is designed to work with any popular CI server, such as Jenkins, TeamCity and others.

Learn more: project website, github repository