To include the Release Candidate plugin in your Maven project, add the following declaration to the project/build/plugins section of the pom.xml file:


You can find more on configuring Maven build plugins in the official documentation.


Adding the plugin to your pom.xml file enables following goals:

$> mvn release-candidate:updateVersion

which updates the pom.xml version as per the configuration and arguments injected by your CI server (learn more),

$> mvn release-candidate:version

which prints the current version of your project to either standard output or a file so that it can be parsed and understood by the CI server (learn more).

Both goals can also be executed from the command line directly:

$> mvn com.smartcodeltd:release-candidate-maven-plugin:LATEST:version
$> mvn com.smartcodeltd:release-candidate-maven-plugin:LATEST:updateVersion

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